Font and justification suddenly changed

I have Scrivener set for Palatino 13 pt, left justified. I’ve created 50 scenes so far, with no issues around font or justification. Just turned on my iPad and brought up my project and the text is showing up centered in about 3 or 4 point font.

If I open the project on my PowerBook, it is fine. Yes, I’ve been syncing religiously.

Any ideas? Marlene

If you mean the text is centre-aligned in the sense that each line is measured from the middle of the screen, that is something else. But if you mean the text is merely in a column then you’re probably just talking about the width of the text editor. In that case you’d be describing what the iPad editor looks like if you zoom way out. Try using the pinch gesture to increase the editor size.

P.S. You still have a functional PowerBook? How are you syncing by the way? The version of Scrivener for Mac that can open and sync iOS edits is Intel-only.