Font and Labels

The font size changer doesn’t appear to work. It only lets me type in 8 pt font. Also, when you click on pieces of different font (I copied and pasted so some is in 10 pt and some is in 8 pt) it will sometimes indicate it is all the same, such as 8 pt. I have to click on a piece of text multiple times for the font box to change to the correct font.

Also, when I changed the Label on the right hand side (from scene to chapter) it does not reflect the change in the title above the text or to the right hand side. Is this a bug or is there some sort of update button for when you adjust the “General” stuff to the right of the text?

Ok, so I closed the document and the font now works. Here is the step by step for the bug.

  1. Create a new document.
  2. Copy and paste text of multiple font sizes into a chapter.
  3. Try to adjust the font size. This did not work for me.
  4. Close the document.
  5. Open the document up again, the font now works.