font and program shut-down

hello: When I’m in Scrivener and want to change font, I click text - font - show fonts, and then my program shuts down. Any help with this blip?

Is this possibly because I’m on the free 30-day trial?

No, this is certainly nothing to do with the trial. Very strange. Does the same happen when you try to do the same in TextEdit? (In TextEdit, go to Format > Font > Show Fonts.) That would indicate a bug on your system - probably a font problem.

Is there a crash log?


yes, when I try that, textedit crashes as well. Not sure about a crash log, but at least this helps me figure out that it’s not Scrivener. Thanks.

It sounds like a font problem on your system - fonts are a notorious cause of problems on OS X. Have you disabled any fonts? Have you done anything with FontBook? Do you have any third-party apps that might be affecting this? All things to look into…

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