Font anomaly on Windows

Despite having the same font selected and seemingly the same settings, one chapter seems emboldened. Weird, and can’t get it to change. In the great scheme of things it doesn’t make much difference as I do the final run in Vellum but it’s bugging me. :rofl:

Fixed the first image

You could try selecting all of the body text, cut it (ctrl-X), then paste it back, using paste and match style (Ctrl-Shift-V).

You say you can’t change it: hard to tell, but perhaps it is outlined ?


Spot on, that fixed it! Thanks.

No idea how it became outlined, but never mind.

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For some weird reason, the Windows version sometimes reads iOS or Mac text as outlined. If you’ve ever synced from that, or had someone that edited your project on those platforms, that might explain it. I haven’t seen it happen otherwise, but there may be other causes.