Font bug 1.9.5 update

Since the update, every time I cut and paste in any document, when I paste, it’s in the gill sans MT Ext condensed bold font. I have never used this font in any document ever in Scrivener. Should I post this as well in tech support?

Thanks for the report. (And yes, this is the best place for it; it’s better not to post in multiple locations. A moderator can always move it if it seems like it would be better somewhere else.) There were changes in the 1.9.5 update for how Scrivener encodes fonts, to enable it to work with the iOS version (and to work better with macOS), so it sounds like somewhere that’s falling down. Could you describe the exact cut and paste process you’re using? e.g. are you cutting and pasting within a Scrivener document, or from an outside source (what?) into Scrivener, etc.? What font is the text you’re copying?

Eggplant, can you please also report what is the editor font set in your Options > Editor window. Thanks!