Font change on import/export

I created a test chapter yesterday, using courier. I noticed that when I exported it, the text was in courier but the automatic chapter heading was in times roman.

Today I imported an ODF document which was in courier. After import it was in times roman.

Are these bugs in the Apple text app rtf conversion, or are they something I’ve still not found out how to change?

I do so like the Scrivener principle. It’s a great piece of software, but a lot of small things like this could keep me using Open Office’s Master Documents instead, and missing all the useful features of Scrivener.


Automatic titling is handled separate from body text transformation, and can be adjusted in the Formatting tab of the Compile sheet. You probably just need to adjust those to get everything output in Courier.

As for the importing weirdness, it could be a font recognition issue. I’ve never seen that happen as you described it, but there might be cases where if the font is defined in a way that the OS X text engine does not recognise, it will substitute it with a default. I just tried creating a small document in NeoOffice, using Courier, and saved it as an ODT file. After dragging this into Scrivener it remained Courier, so I’m not sure what is happening on your system.

You could try saving the file as RTF first, as the RTF importer is a good deal more robust than the doc and odf importers.

As Ioa says, if you exported using Compile Draft, then you need to set up title formatting under the “Formatting” pane - see the Help file for information on setting up export formatting.

As for the ODF file, I haven’t seen anything like that, either, but what happens if you open it in TextEdit? Scrivener uses the same ODF importer.

I really don’t think there are “a lot of small things like this”, but I doubt you’ll find any program out there that can import every format flawlessly, excepting perhaps programs produced by the bigger software houses such as Microsoft (Apple’s Pages certainly can’t handle too many formats very well). But of course, I totally understand if you decide to stick to OpenOffice - I’d never try to claim that Scrivener is for everyone.

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OK I think I’ve got the export problem licked. Or maybe it’s just gone away.

I can duplicate the import problem if I import odt, but if I import rtf everything is fine.

Thanks for the help.