Font change to MS Shell Dlg 2 after "

couldn’t find this in the bug list (forgive me if this is a repost):

  1. Entire document in Courier New.
  2. Reverts to MS Shell Dlg 2 but ONLY when typing after double quotation marks anywhere in the document (ie, continues in Courier New when typing anywhere else in the document). This occurs in full screen and the normal editor window.

Winscriv 24
Win 7 32bit
The document had been imported from MacScriv a few winscriv beta versions ago (possibly at 23, not sure).



Hi Bart,

Thanks for the report, I’ll take a more thorough look into this tomorrow. Windows Scrivener does have a habit of reverting to MS Shell Dlg 2 which would be nice to kick.

How did you import the document from your Mac project? Did you actually export it or compile it there and then import that file into your Windows project, or was the entire project itself originally created on the Mac? The font reversion isn’t happening consistently (at least, I’m not getting it, and it sounds like it’s only happening to you in this one document?) so the import might be a key. Was the document originally in Courier New on the Mac?

Hi Jennifer,
the document was originally a windows MS Word doc imported into MacScriv a few months ago.
The MS Word doc was in courier (not courier new).
Can’t remember if was automatically converted to a different font when imported to MacScriv.
So, the courier (not courier new) MacScriv project was exported to a zip, emailed, then unzipped and opened in WinScriv.

Funny enough, I’ve created a few test documents just now with different fonts including courier/courier new/others and haven’t been able to reproduce the error so it appears as though it might be document specific. (BTW the few “other” fonts I exported were all converted to MS Shell Dlg 2 as I presume they are Mac specific; I think this has been mentioned in other posts).

I’ve truncated the original project to a small WinScriv exported zip that I’ve emailed to for your perusement. You should be able to reproduce the font changes within it.

(BTW, any chance of adding a feature to WinScriv where it can automatically email a zip backup to an email of your choice?)