Font changes unexpectedly

Hi everyone,

After only two days with the trial copy, I bought 2.0. Fantastic upgrade. One thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m typing, often the font will change unexpectedly from my chosen font (Palatino) to (Lucidia Grande). I assume I’m inadvertently hitting some combination of keys that’s resulting in the change. Does anyone know what might be the cause?

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There is a known issue in the OS X text system whereby the font can change to the system default (Lucida Grande) after backspacing to delete certain symbols (such as an arrow). This happens for symbols that don’t exist in the current font - the text system inserts the font in Lucida Grande (knowing that the symbol exists in that font) and then resets the typing attributes to the original font you were using. But if you delete the symbol or move the cursor before it, the text system will use the symbol’s font (Lucida Grande). A similar glitch can occur when using bullets and lists. Both are issues with the text system itself (as coded by Apple), though, so unfortunately they lie out of my control. In general, if the font suddenly changes to Lucida Grande or Helvetica, it is usually an Apple glitch; if something else happens, it’s probably mine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words about the update, and for upgrading!

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