Font changes when all text deleted from editor[BUG LOGGED]

Expected behavior:
When all text in the currently opened text item is selected and deleted, it should disappear. All margin and font settings should remain the same.

Observed behavior:
The font changes to “MS Shell Dlg 2” in 8-point size.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Text item in your manuscript folder in a project.
  2. Go to Edit -> Options -> Editor and set the default font to Palatino Linotype 12-point.
  3. Delete the text inside the text item you created earlier.
  4. Observe the change in the font.

This behavior appears to happen for text items I created prior to changing the default font in the project, and more specifically for some I pasted in from the open source Storybook software that I’d been using and/or the Dramatica Pro 4.0 software. I find that even if I do a “Select all” and change the font, at least some parts of the text file retain the “MS Shell Dlg 2” font and revert to it when deleted.


This is a trick you may encounter in most text processing or writing software, and is probably not a bug.

When you chose to select all, you include the last paragrph mark.
Inside this paragraphe mark, is very often the instruction about format.
Remove it, and you will remove the format instruction. The application then does nothing but restoring to native settings.

Try unselecting that very last character (a simple space, the very last of the document) and then delete.
Your format settings should then remain.

Try it out : even in Word, it’s the same.

As your problem seems to happen only in texts written in other software, it is inside that software, before copying, that you should try unselecting that last space.

If that does not work, I would say then it could be a bug.

Thanks for this. I tend to agree this is definitely a bug.