Font changes when opening project in Linux vs Windows. Why?

Absolutely LOVE Scrivener. Currently have it installed on my home PC (windows 10) and my laptop (Ubuntu Gnome 17.04), running under wine with windows 10 compatibility via PlayOnLinux.

My question is; why is it when I open the same project (that I saved in windows) on my laptop, the fonts in all the text documents in the project have changed??? In the original the fonts are Arial, yet when I open the project in Linux, the fonts are all now Courier Prime?

Anyone have any ideas?


I’ve learned that it is because Linux doesn’t have the same fonts available as Windows. I’m not sure what to do from here because I need to be able to work on projects in Scrivener on machines running Windows and Linux… :frowning:

You’ll need to find and install an appropriate Linux- (or Windows-) compatible font.


Figured out how to install the necessary MS fonts in Linux. Thanks. :slight_smile: