Font changing on bullet points.

I posted this on IOS bug hunt forum but am posting here in case the problem originates in Windows although it manifests only on iPad.
I’m using latest V3 on Windows and latest iOS version on iPad Pro. I’m using a Google font called Lora which is a variable font that comes in two files, italics and standard. There was no problem switching between the two machines until I inserted some bullet points when writing in Windows. Both font files are in the Dropbox font folder. The font size used is 14. When I open the project on iPad the font size for the bullet point list is changed to 12. I change it back to 14, sync, close Scrivener, open up again, font size 12 again.
Here is what might be a clue: if, when fixing the font size on iPad I grab a part of the previous paragraph and some of the bullet points, those bullet points retain the correct size when I close and reopen the project.
If this is a Bug and not a feature, hope this helps.
Turns out this workaround provides only a temporary fix. Problem consistently recurs when I go back and forth.