Font color in

Hi all,

I seem to have an issue with adjusting the font colors in Scrivener at times. Currently I am highlighting different part of my text and want to change it from black or blue to red. Occasionally (strangely enough not always), I first have to switch to green or any other color before I can set the color to red.

The problem seems to occur predominantly if I copy bits of text from MS Word to Scrivener and then want to adjust the color of those bits.

Am going through some revision phase right now and it’s part of the workflow I use to exchange comments and ideas with my coauthors…

The problem began only after I updated Scrivener earlier today (from 1.5.6 to 1.5.7).

Thanks for looking into it. Maybe I just need to change some settings first not sure.



Hi Jacau, can you give us a step by step example of what is the state of your text(origin of text, text colors, text background colors), what you press, what you expect and what happens for real in Scrivener? This will help us understand if it is a bug or a feature and assist you better. :slight_smile: