Font-Color in Fullscreen-Mode / Mac => Windows

I read the bug-reports on the “fullscreen-mode-colour-problem”. The reason why I am bringing that topic up again is: I guess found something out! :slight_smile: I am using scrivener in MacOS and Windows. Sidenote: You’re great!! Finally a good program that works on both plattforms (almost) perfect! Keep coding - you’re doing a teriffic job!

And here we go: ALMOST perfect, because I noticed that when I open a project which I recently edited with the MAC-Version of Scrivener, the WINDOWS-Version won’t show anything in fullscreen-mode. When I select the “remove colour”-function, it works again. So I guess something in the windows-version must be different. If you can fix that, you will get very close to 100 % compatibility :wink:

All the best for your work!

©hris from Germany

Yeah, the issue here is that in Windows on full screen, the text coloring is just default coloring, not an override the way you’re familiar with in the Mac version, so it doesn’t override specific text coloring. Mac programs tend to always color text black, whereas Windows will more often leave it unspecified, so when you’ve been working with your project in the Mac version, the text gets set to black and Scrivener on Windows then does not override that color in full screen (or in the editor, but your editor text is probably set to default to black anyway, so you haven’t noticed). For now, just strip the color as you’ve been doing.