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I create a text doc as a marker for the end of Act 1. In the outline, I want to change the color of the font, highlight it or both. I select the text, I change the color, the color selection tool appears. The color does not change, same with highlighting. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Hello @scottfalcon !

I am not sure I fully understood your question. The color of your text should certainly change in the text document itself. I assume that you are using the automatic carry over of the header line into the name of your document. If the document name appears in italics this is the case. Although your colored text was carried over to the document name, this name will not appear in color in the binder or in the outline.

If that doesn’t answer your question, could you perhaps elaborate a bit what you are trying to achieve?

The change in color does not work. This is the scene name in the outline view.

Trying to change the color of END FIRST ACT and it will not hold the text color change or highlight

*system states cannot embed media in a post so you cant see the screen shot

You cannot change the color of things in the outline view, only the color of text in the editor.

First question, why is that? It would be very useful in Outline view. Also, if you can’t why do the color and highlight options appear when you right-click them, indicating functionality?

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Sorry, I think we are talking about different things. When I am in outline view and click any of the entries in the main window, all my text color, font, etc. options are disabled.

I can right click on color and highlighter and the options display, but a selection doesn’t change anything

Could you try this in a new project that you create from scratch? I just want to see if that is a general behavior or if it has to do with your project.

By Outliner, are you refering to the Binder, or the outliner?
I ask because I’m having similar problems with the binder. I’m still using version 1.9.

In previous projects, I’ve been able to highlight folders in the binder, to show the passing of time, for example, but can’t do this in my current project.

I don’t want to derail this thread if this isn’t the OP’s issue - I’ll start a new thread if this is the case.

Outline view, i.e. View-Outline. It does that same thing in a new project. This is Windows 3

Hi Scott,

Is this what you mean:

(By the way, I’m on Windows 10. To embed that image in the post, I took a screenshot using Windows Snip & Sketch, which is Windows key + Shift + S, and then used Ctrl-V to paste it directly into the post. If you can do that on your side it is very likely we’d be able to figure this out immediately.)

If that’s what you mean by right-click color options, those aren’t colors, those are Labels. To see Label colors in the Outliner, choose View > Use Label Color in > Outliner Rows.

If that’s not what you mean, then please paste us a screenshot.


Just in case anyone is interested, or has the same issue: to highlight items in the binder with the label colour, go to View, then ‘Use Label Colour In’ then ‘Binder’. At least this is where it is in the Windows 1.9 version.