Font colors


I’ve used Scrivener for almost 3 years, I’m not a newbie. I use full screen to write drafts, returning to the editor to print. I like a black full screen with green text, and the editor with a white screen and black text. I’ve written two books this way with your excellent product, but since the upgrade, haven’t been able to do it any more. I must have inadvertently changed some other setting because now if I set the editor to black text, full screen changes to black text also, and I can’t see the words (the screen being black). What am I doing wrong? I could always set the editor and full screen to different settings, and they stayed that way. Is there something else I need to look at?



The text colours for the editors set in the Options are the defaults that essentially “show through” when there is no specific colour applied to the text, so it sounds like what’s happened is that the text you’re working with has been specifically coloured black. Try selecting it all and then choosing Format > Font > Text Color > Remove Color (also available from the context menu). That should let it show up properly in full screen according to your appearance settings.

Thanks, Jennifer. It took a couple of more steps, but I got it worked out along the lines of your suggestion. What finally worked for me was “no color” in the “default main text attributes,” and the colors I wanted in the appearance options. I messed it up myself, because I believe it worked fine just after the upgrade.

Thanks for a great product, I use it in Linux as well (where I didn’t have the problem, because I didn’t screw it up).


Ah, okay, yeah, if you had set a specific colour for the text in the Editor options, that’s the same as applying the colour via Format > Font > Text Colour; it’s a formatting option that affects the text directly, like highlighting it or making it bold, not just an appearance option. So if that got set to a colour, then all your new documents would be using that text colour, and it would override the default text colour in the editor. Glad you were able to track that down and fix it!