Font colour changes with preferences.


I like to have two different setups… one for during the day and one for during the night. My day setup has a light background with black coloured font while my night setup has a dark background with light coloured font.

I’ve created two different sets of preferences that I can load to achieve this, however once I load my “night” preferences, (which has a black background with default text set to light), I need to perform the extra step of highlighting all my documents in the binder view, then going Documents --> Convert --> Formatting To Default Text Style. I need to do this so that the “light” color of the text is applied across my project, (otherwise I have a black background along with dark text from the previously used “day” settings).

My question is if there is a way to avoid this extra step? I’d like to be able to load my preferences including its associated new font color all in one hit so that I can easily flip back and forth between “day-mode” and “night-mode”.

It’s not a big deal, but just wanted to check if maybe I’m missing something.


There isn’t a way to avoid that, because changing the formatting attributes of the text in your documents is not considered to be a theme level change, being that it is a rich text editor, and all for the same reason that you have to manually convert documents on your own, when changing default formatting. Colour is no different than the font family, or the amount of indent on paragraphs. These are attributes stored in the text itself, and thus it would be destructive for the software to wipe all of it out without your explicit command. It may seem superfluous in some situations, but consider that many people use text colours for revision tracking (there is after all a feature for doing so). If Scrivener just blew away text colour whenever you made a chance to that preferences panel, all of those markings would be lost.

Cool, no worries. I understand the reasoning… thought maybe there was a way around it that I was not aware of. Thankyou kindly for the confirmation.