Font Colour During Compile

OK, for reasons best left to my odd personal preferences, my default editor set up is aluminium text on black. That works fine. However, when I come to compile, despite every combination of settings, I can’t get rid of the aluminium text - it persists in epub, docx, rtf, mobi. I follow the instructions and click ‘override text and notes formatting’ and for each level set the font colour to black. It all looks fine in the formatting preview. I compile and the grey text persists in the final document.

Now, I am sure someone snuck in and beat me with the stupid stick and I’m now missing something incredibly obvious, but I’ve tried several times, and the grey text clings like glue. Even all the way to the Kindle (which is my eventual compilation target). I can compile to Word, change the text colour, and use Calibre, but I figure from what I have read that I ought to be able to do the same directly in Scrivener. I feel sure I am doing something dim, but the exactly source of dimwittery is eluding me.

It sounds like you’re doing everything you should be doing. The thing that makes this hard to detect if you aren’t is that “no color” looks like black, so accidentally doing nothing looks the same as doing the right thing. So what I’d suggest is try picking one of the common formatting types (like plain files) and set that to a light mint green colour.

See if that works. If it does, you know you are on the right track. Go back and make sure you’re right-clicking (or click & hold) on the text colour chip and selecting “Black” as the option, nothing else.

Thankfully, this will all be as easy as a checkbox in the next release. One checkbox for the whole manuscript will force everything to black, if you so desire.

OK, that worked (after a fashion). I had repeatedly selected ‘black’ and the colour picker insisted it was black, even if I went back and checked. What I didn’t do was try changing the the text to another colour (red or blue, using exactly the same process) and seeing if that worked. It did. Changing it then to ‘black’ did the trick. No idea why that would be, but all seems good now. The checkbox shortcut will be appreciated, compiling to an ebook format on the Kindle or iPad is a nice paper-free proofing mechanism, and I like the idea of it being as straightforward as clicking ‘print’.