font defaulting to .ApplesystemUIFont upon opening new text

The font is set for optima 12 point in preferences, margin is set for 1" and tab for 1.5", but for some reason every time I open a new text document it resets to .applesystemUIFont and a very big indent. I’m having to adjust it every time. I did click on “use formatting in current editor” and this button is now greyed out. It also seems that the line spacing in preferences isn’t reflecting the choice made- it’s showing 1.0 line spacing when I have 2.0 selected. I also can’t seem to adjust line spacing in a text document- I’ve highlighted and selected 2.0 and it’s still showing 1.0. Is my software corrupted or am I doing something incorrectly? I don’t remember ever having these issues before.


I would check in the Project/Text Preferences… panel. It is possible to set up a project to ignore the global formatting settings with this tool.

Thanks Amber. “Different default formatting” in project/text preferences was not selected but the problem seems to have resolved. Not sure why…I went back and forth in the global preferences a few times. I don’t think the global font was ever .applesystemui - i think default was helvetica 12, so something happened but what exactly is a mystery to me.

Hmm, glad to hear it went away, but I don’t know what happened either. It would be unusual to see that font being used at all as I don’t even think it is something you can manually select, and the system default fallback font is Helvetica.

Well let us know if it returns.