Font Dialog doesn't show all fonts


in the editor, the font drop down shows more fonts than the font dialog.
Especially, in my case, the Caslon 540 BT.

When compiling, this is a problem: there is no drop down list of fonts, only the font dialog. So there are fonts that I can use for editing but not for compiling, since for compiling I can only the fonts available in the font dialog.

(Caslon 540 BT is available as Roman and Italic, Caslon BD BT is available as Roman and Italic)

Just a guess, is it possible that the font dialog only shows fonts that are available as Regular and not those that are available as Roman?



The Fonts dialogue panel should show all fonts on your system available for use - it’s provided by OS X so the fonts available in it are not determined by Scrivener. By contrast, the list of fonts in the menus is created by calling on Cocoa’s “-availableFontFamilies” method, which causes OS X to return a list of all available fonts to the application. I’m afraid I have no idea why OS X’s font dialogue panel wouldn’t show all the fonts that are included in OS X’s “available fonts” list and can’t find anything obvious on this from a quick Google search… To ask the obvious, have you ensured that “All Fonts” is selected in the “Collection” list on the left in the font panel?

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Is this affected by choosing the “Proofing” option when compiling to PDF? I know the converters there can cause some odd font behaviours, and I seem to recall a similar case from a while ago, but not whether switching to “Publishing” resolved it.

Now that’s funny:

I opened the font dialog in Numbers -> Fonts where there.

Then I went to the scivener compile process, switched to proofing and back to publishing in the PDF settings.
Now I can choose all fonts while compiling to PDF.
I have no clue which of my actions above (or waiting a day) did the trick. (and yes, I selected All Fonts all the time).

Problem solved and I don’t know how and why. :open_mouth:


I’m aware there is quite a few differences between OS X and Win. However (using Win 10) the “Collection” list you mention, is that within Scrivener? Because I have issues accessing most of the standard system fonts in the Editor. Simply does not show. When customizing Scriveners UI these fonts are available - but when scrolling through the Fonts available in the Editor itself they do not show.


Hi, @GEHco, it is probably best to repost this as a new topic in the Scrivener for Windows category – Scrivener for Windows has separate developers. There are some additional challenges with fonts under Windows (due, I understand, to the different places that font names can be embedded and whether or not those match in the way the font-loading routines in the Qt framework expect them to) and this original thread is 8 years old, thus pre-dating version 3.