Font etc copied all wrong

Hi, I’m using Scrivener on a MacBook 12.6 version. I had to submit some work and copied it into a Pages document. Did some work on it. Now when I copy it back into Scrivener, even though it seems to be saying the Font, size, spacing etc are all the same, it looks completely different. Very dark like bold, but it isn’t. How do I make it look the same? Many thanks, Tracy

I would first recommend exporting to .docx from Pages, and then dropping that file into your binder, instead of using copy and paste. The latter can sometimes work fine, but is overall less reliable, and importing should be tried whenever it doesn’t seem to work right.

If the problem persists with import, I would proceed to minimalise how much formatting you are using in Pages.

Thanks for that. Will give it a whirl.