Font & formatting madness[BUG LOGGED]

Cannot seem to be able to level all my pages to the same font/paragraph formatting:

  1. Changing defaults in Edit | Options has no effect on the current project – I have to create a new project to pick these changes up
  2. Font selected in Edit | Option does not persist when switching between changes.
  3. Selecting a font in a page editor (without typing), then creating a new page and typing will pick up this font (instead of the default font in Edit | Options).
  4. Cannot select pages and choose the same font across
  5. Cannot select font and apply it to a Chapter/Folder so that it propagates to all its child pages – the font drop-down is disabled when a non-page is selected
  6. Why is the font visible when a non-page is selected, e…g a Chapter/Folder?

The same applies to paragraph formatting – so right now my documents seem to pick up fonts and formatting on their own and look completely inconsistent – e.g. I cannot export this to PDF – I need to export to Word first.

I have the exact same troubles with font and formatting.

I’m using Windows Vista.

I have logged this as a bug.

In the interim, if you use the compile feature instead of the export you can override all the font settings in the text fragments you have created. There is an option under formatting to override with settings you select. This may or may not help getting consistent fonts and formatting out whilst you wait for a fix.


Sounds like a useful option especially with PDFs.

A problem with using this feature is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to implement any per line format changes. For instances, all my chapter headings become left justified when I use this and there isn’t an easy way I know of to change this. Perhaps some instructions on how to select types of text would be helpful.