Font frustrations in drafting modes

I love Scrivener and have used it for a few years. But what always frustrates me is how difficult / non-intuitive it feels to get the font as I want it for compiling, and keeping that consistent in different view. I find myself forever having to go searching through tutorials and FAQs and forums… and by the time I’ve done that I feel so uptight I don’t want to write any more!! :slight_smile:

All I want is to be able to format a basic onscreen drafting font and style choice, and have that carried through everywhere, unless I want to change it. Does this facility exist, and please can I have a step by step explanation. Thank you.

I have a global font and text size set for every new project and document that I create. It’s very easy to set this up in the Formatting pane of Scrivener’s Preferences. If you wish you can set the project font to be the same as the font you prefer to compile to.

That sounds great, and I understand this is what ought to happen. But (sorry) perhaps I’m easily confused. I need visuals. I don’t know how to set it up, what counts as the formatting pane, and how to do the things you describe. If it’s just me, I apologise. (It’s not helped this time by the fact I have 80k words already in the existing project I’m working on.)

Have you been over this short how-to yet?

I can’t help you with visuals I’m afraid. But if you have been using Scrivener for years, I’m sure you know what preferences are. If not, look at the menu bar. Click on Scrivener, then click on Preferences… In the window that pops up, select Formatting (It has an A with a ruler over it). Then simply apply the presets that you would like to use in your projects. What I’ve described is very basic really - I don’t have any fancy settings.

Amber V’s link gives you all the info you need to convert formatting in an already existing project.