Font glitches when scrolling

Haven’t seen this mentioned before, but when scrolling through a long document I occasionally get these glitchy white lines through my text, sometimes more than one line on a page. As soon as I click anywhere on the page the glitches disappear. I imported the same document into TextEdit and couldn’t reproduce it there.

PS have added my main computer to my sig to help with bug hunting etc.

I’m not saying this isn’t a Scr. problem, but I’ve seen this behavior in other programs such as DevonThink. If it’s the same thing, it’s very occasional, but does happen. It can happen when I’m deleting something out of the text as well.

Next time you see it, could you Grab it and post a screenshot? I experienced something a while ago but thought I had fixed it. I will look into it. It could be an Apple bug (there is a bug lurking in their view system where redrawing isn’t always done correctly), but it could be my custom drawing…


Here is a screenshot:

As I said above, click anywhere in the active window and all the white lines go away.

Hmm… Yeah, this looks like the thing I thought I’d fixed. I’ll take another look. It may be the NSView bug, though, that is just being exacerbated by the extra drawing done in Scrivener, in which case I can’t do much about it. I will take a look and see if it is something I can fix, though, although it’s hard given that I haven’t experienced it (since I thought I’d fixed it). Are there any conditions under which it always occurs? For instance, with a given text at a given scale?

Just to let you know that I’m still getting this in beta 2:

This is using Courier New, 13pt, I haven’t tried other fonts yet.

Do you mean Times New Roman, 13pt?

I’m keeping my eye out (it’s on my “to monitor” list), but I am pretty confident that this is an Apple bug and not a Scrivener bug. Are there any definite steps to reproduce this? That would help. The reason I think this is an Apple bug is that this happens in other apps and there is a known Apple NSView redrawing bug (have you ever seen everything in a unified toolbar disappear? Part of the same bug), and Scrivener does nothing that should cause this behaviour. If anything, Scrivener forces the text to redraw more rather than less, which should get rid of the bug rather than make it worse - which is why I think it is something underlying.

Of course, I’m not 100% sure, so if you can find a specific case where it always happens I will investigate further. Is your text scaled? By what percent? Are you using typewriter scrolling? Etc…


Yes, I did, sorry.