Font issue when compiling to Word


I’m attempting to compile my project into a word doc.
On my Scrivener editor, I have my text font set to Times Romans size 15, but I’d like Scrivener to produce a word doc with a font 12.
I’ve changed the compile formatting. I made sure that the text section with heading has the correct font. The “override text and text and notes formatting” checkbox is checked. The formatting preview looks correct; however, whenever I compile, the heading is correct, but the section text is incorrect with the wrong size font 15. Can somebody help?


Just to add another detail. I have a particular custom style set on the editor text and a different one for the compiler. When I set the paragraphs on the editor to no style, then the .docx output is produced with the intended format. But when I use my custom style in the editor, then the style set on the editor text overrides the compiler style. I hope this makes sense.

What you say suggests that in the Styles section of compile you are “catching” those passages set in your customized style, but what format instructions have you set there for it? That is what is controlling the formatting of those custom-styled paragraphs. So, it seems like that must be where things are going awry for you.