Font issues Compiling to PDF

Apologies if this has been raised already…

I am quite often compiling to PDF, and wondered about the font quality when Scrivener compiles to PDF. I don’t know how to technically explain the issue, but basically the font quality is abysmal. PDFs out-putted by my Scrivener are basically unreadable until you zoom right in. This contrasts with PDFs generated with any other software on my computer, where the text can easily be read at any zoom level.

I am assuming it relates to the way Scrivener generates the text on the PDF. Is this something anyone else has encountered?

Hi gumboot.

If you can share a little more detail it might be helpful. Which font(s) are you using for your compile? Are you able to post a couple of screenshots to illustrate what you mean?

What does it look like when you print? I’ve found often that font quality isn’t really represented on-screen with PDF, but looks fine once you print it. Most often this is because of Windows’ wretched PostScript Type 1 font rendering (which can include OTF, you need to check the font’s info to see if it is OTF/TTF or OTF/Type1).

Hmmm, looks like this may have been a random one-off bug. I have since done a few more PDF compiles from Scrivener and they appear to be fine.

False alarm, all. :mrgreen: