Font issues during compile to DOCX

I’m trying to compile a nonfiction manuscript that is comprised of chapters with single text files under each folder. I have defined a section layout for “Chapter Text” that is meant to apply to all of the main parts of the document. However, when I go to compile the manuscript I can’t change the line spacing (see image). I thought there should be a way to change the line spacing after the highlight text box.

Further, even though I have Times New Roman set as the font for this section layout, everything keeps coming out in a different font (Iowan Old Style). I have not used a style for the main body text in the editor, so I don’t know what’s happening with that.

This is driving me pretty crazy. I’ve compiled plenty of projects before but never had so much trouble, and I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. Any help is appreciated!

Yes, there should be. What Scrivener version are you on? Current is 3.2.3, I believe. It’s possible that the Compile box needs to be adjusted wider, but it doesn’t look that way.

That shouldn’t happen unless (a) you have a body style (you say you don’t) or (b) the section type isn’t assigned to the relevant documents. Also make sure Scrivener is up to date.

If necessary, we can do a zoom session:

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Yes I’m on 3.2.3.

And…you were right about the Compile box. I almost can’t believe that was it.

Regarding the last points: all of that is correct (no body style, section type properly assigned). Still not sure why the font is overriding, though that’s easily done manually in Word (though shouldn’t be necessary).

Thanks for the help!

This is a likely enough explanation (or we could figure it out in a five minute Zoom):