font jump

I’m writing in Standard Text mode using Bangla MN font, and for no reason I can determine it switches suddenly to Lucida Grande. I’m using a MacBook early '09 iteration with Yosemite OS and recently upgraded to 4 gigs of RAM, so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

Any ideas how to stop it?

That will happen if the character you keyed in does not have a matching glyph in the font you are using. The text engine will automatically switch to a font that does (often Lucida Grande, but sometimes you’ll see the Apple symbol fonts being used for the more esoteric stuff). Now what should happen is that Apple will switch you to the alternate font for that glyph along, and then as you continue to type, it will be in the original font. However once that does happen, you do have one character in the line with a different font. If put your cursor next to the character and start typing, it will be in Apple Symbol, Lucida Grande or whatever. So maybe that is why the problem feels sporadic.

Funny, just wanted to report the same issue.
It is annoying when you have to use custom quotes, for example. The Scriv font quote symbol is converted into apples font style. Since the replacement takes place after typing, you can continue in your Scriv font style.
But when you want to insert a word right after the quote later, the font style for that newly written text changes to the Apple custom font.

here is a screenie:

Any chance to fix that?

You would have to ask Apple about whether or not that can be “fixed” (it’s not a bug, it’s just one approach to a particular problem). But do you really want this? Keep in mind the alternative to this system is the older method where documents will be filled with ugly “Missing Glyph” symbols. It seems to me that taking care to place your insertion caret in such a way that it doesn’t pick up the alternative font is just as well, and something that would only become a habit after a while.

OK thanks. I just thought there might be some possibility to mark the glyphs as “separate font” that does not stretch further upon typing.
Another solution could be a Composer-Only custom font that would always use a certain font and glyph style no matter what the font stile in the main menu actually is set to (like in word 5.5), but I imagine that would be hard to implement. Would be nice, though.

You’d basically need “Reveal Codes” for something like that. In any editor that hides formatting markers from the user, there is going to be some sloppiness to it since you cannot click between where the font marker ends and the character begins. Blame Microsoft for making things “simple”, as usual. :wink:

As far as font overrides in Compose mode, yeah that would be cool, but unfortunately the text engine doesn’t have an override for font settings. The only way to do that would be to destroy the underlying font information.