Font preference only goes to Helevitca

I’m having trouble setting up for the formatting I want. No matter how I try to set either the main preferences, the Project preferences, or create a Preset formatting I cannot get the font to stay at the one I want.

I want to have the font to be Cochin but no matter what it always reverts to Helevitca. If I have set the font in the format bar to Cochin if I select all the text it comes up Helevitca. If I create a Preset format using Cochin it still won’t stay. What am I doing wrong?

Is the font changing underneath your text? Or is it changing for new stuff that you type in? In other words, if you go back to a document that had been Cochin five minutes ago, is it Helvetica now—or is this just a problem with new text that you are typing in? Have you tried any other fonts to see if it is a problem with Cochin?