Font preference?

I changed the font preference for (as I thought) one project - a collection of short stories I’m preparing as an ebook. Apparently Monaco is Amazon’s preference, so I changed from Optima, which I normally use, to Monaco.
However, this has now changed the font for every new document in every project!
Is there a way to change the font for one project (so I don’t have to keep changing it for every document within the project) without changing it for the whole progam?

In the Menu Bar go to –> Projects –> Text Preferences –> Project Formatting Preferences –> Override text formatting for this project. :smiley:

You’re a genius, so you are, Ursula.

(Is there any way, by the way, to set a preference for the percentage view? I normally have it set at 150% but have to change it for every document.)

This kind of think can be set in your compile settings (and saved for use in other projects if you choose to), so that you can write in whatever font or fonts you like, but you get your document output to the requirements of whatever the destination is, in this case, Amazon’s kindle format.

While the following video is from the Mac perspective, it gives a quick overview of how compile can radically alter your text without touching the original documents in Scrivener. Most of it applies equally to the Windows version, so it won’t be a waste of your time, and may prove enlightening.

Well, no, it’s not in compiling I want it but in looking at it as I write, you see.

Preferences > Editor > Default text zoom. Or under “Compose” for the compose mode preference. If you’re looking for a preference, it’s always a good idea to look in Scrivener’s Preferences first. :slight_smile:

Excellent, Keithv - thought I’d searched the prefs up down and sideways, but I missed that one - was relying too much on Scrivener’s Help search, perhaps :wink:

… sorry, back. I can’t see any default text zoom in the Compose prefs - are they concealed in there somewhere?

Incidentally, I set the preference to Monaco; the program seemed to set the spacing as 1.2 lines apart, and 0.8 points between paragraph. But it’s now using random settings on different stories - the latest one is Courier, double spaced.

Maybe it doesn’t like this story?

To set the default zoom for compose, first go into the actual compose mode and set it up the way you want it (using the zoom pop-up from the control panel that appears at the bottom of the screen when you hover your cursor there), then in the Compose panel of Scrivener > Preferences click the button at the bottom to “Use current composition settings for new projects”. That will set your current zoom, background fade, typewriter scrolling, paper width, etc. as the default for new projects.

You can use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style on selected documents to reset their formatting to your current defaults; if you’ve overridden the global preference with project-specific settings in Project > Text Preferences, the latter will be used.