font problem during change in input source

Hi! I’m a CJK user of Scrivener 3 on mac.

I have a font problem concerning the change between different input sources.

When I use English-only font such as “Palatino”, once I change the input source to Korean, the font is degraded into “AppleMyungjo”(the default Korean font on mac) to display Korean, and even after I change back to English(ABC - Extended) the font is still AppleMyungjo, not Palatino. (it is “degraded” since AppleMyungjo is so ugly…)

Of course I can manually change back to Palatino again, but this is bothersome since there are so many chances to change the input source.

This is a problem that I haven’t experienced in Scrivener 2, so I hope there is a solution or an update for this.

Thanks in advance!