Font problems in draft

When I make up a draft, random parts of it appear in a strange shadow font. It has no relation to any change in the font that I have used on Scrivener. Any ideas? Unfortunately the first ten pages were fine and I have just sent three hundred off to my editor…ouch.

Most likely, the file is calling for a font that you don’t have installed or available.
Turn on Font Book and see if you have checked every style in the font family of your draft.
If that’s not a problem, your word processor may have a conflict with that font choice.
One suggestion: make a PDF file for sending to the editor.

hi druid, thanks for your reply. what is bizarre though is that the font does not change in my draft. i only ever use one font (times new roman - no great shakes) which comes up fine most of the time, both in normal and italics. sometimes however, in the draft, it just goes shadowed (which is a question of style not font i guess) and is very difficult to read. not a style one wants to take seriously…

hi ruth,

Something in your file changes at those points. Some word-processors have a dumb feature, “smart” copy/paste, which means that the clipboard retains the formatting of a source. If you’re pasting passages from a word-processor or a web file, that might account for the changes. Another possibility: the word-processor file makes a style choice at that point, instead of regular body text. Put the cursor there and see what the style menu says.

Here are two general fixes:

In Scrivener, compile your Draft and export it to a word processor. In the WP app, Select All and choose Times New Roman. (Just choose the family, not a style). You may also do that in Scrivener by selecting the Draft documents, then Edit Scrivenings, then Select All in that window, and choose Times New Roman from the Font template (again, only the family, not a style.)