Font question (Mac newbie)

Ugh, sorry, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I imported my Microsoft Word files into Scrivener. They are very ugly: Times New Roman, scrunched together.
When I create a new notecard it defaults to Optima 13. Very pretty. And it indents the first line of each paragraph. (UPDATE: I was able to get the whole page to update but it’s still missing the indents). I can split the screen and retype everything. but ugh.

Is there a trick to making it update to the pretty version- with the indent and everything? Is there a way to update the whole folder instead of each card individually? Is there something I can do by just reimporting it and make it default to the pretty Scrivener version?

thanks for the help!


Just select the documents you want to change in the binder and then go to Documents > Convert > to Default Style - this will convert the selected documents to use the settings in the Preferences (Optima 13 with indent by default).

Incidentally, just to avoid confusion, there is a difference between “cards” and “text”. You are talking about the main text area. Each document (text and media files) has a card associated with it, which can be viewed in the inspector and represents each document on the corkboard and in the outliner; the card holds a synopsis which you type yourself to describe the nature of the document, as a reminder to yourself what that document is about (if you import documents the card gets auto-filled with the first few lines of text, but you can change that and most likely will want to). I’m not trying to be pedantic, by the way - it just sounds as though you may not have discovered the difference yet, so I’m just trying to help, as the way cards represent documents is a core feature that can really help get an overview of your writing.

Hope that helps!
All the best,

Gracias! Gracias! Beautiful now! Thank you so much!!! (and so easy!)

(I actually did realize the difference but for some reason I just keep thinking of them as cards with multiple views (like text view, synopsis view, etc)). I can understand why that could confuse the issue though since they are actually different things. Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

I am very quickly realizing that there are so many features that it’s going to take awhile to discover all the new nifties here.

You might find the R keystroke useful too Gabby. That brings up the ruler, enabling you to use the indent feature as you will. Don’t forget A for selecting all the text.

Thanks Juddbert, I am definitely still trying to figure out all these new Mac shortcuts. They seem very similar to PC but just different enough to trip me up sometimes. :smiley: