Font questions

2 questions:

  1. Is there a way to change the font for an entire project once the project has been started?

  2. I am able to change to Helvetic light in the Inspector, but the project always reverts to Helvetica after closing. Is there any way to maintain Helvitica light?

And a 3rd - is there a “select all” option anywhere?

I apologise if these are answered elsewhere.


Just bumping this as am still interested in these font questions?


You can change the Default font in the midst of a project, but I believe it only applies to text entered from the moment you change the setting, going forward. Changing the Default font is not retroactively applied to already entered text; SiOS does not use “styles” in the same sense that, say, Microsoft Word uses them.

To change the Default font for a project, position your cursor in a bit of text that has the font setttings & etc. you’d like to use as the new Default. Then click the paintbrush icon; on the flyout menu that pops up, select “Formatting Options” (it’s below the three ‘justification’ icons) and then select the option to use your selection as the new Default configuration.

Thanks for the clear reply - a minor quibble with an otherwise marvellous app.