font reset to normal.

  1. For some reason the “normal” default font seems to be missing from the font pallet.
    Sort of a mystery to me > ?

A litte problematic if you select a heading-font and then want to return back to normal font.

Anyhow, I created it. Consider adding it as a pre-selection upon installation of the program…

  1. Each time I make a heading, then press enter, instead of going into “normal” font mode, it continues to type in “Title” font, thus I have to change the font manually back each time.
    It’s sort of quite a bit of extra work if you’re doing a lot of titles…

Consider returning back to the normal font after typing out the heading… or have an option in the preferences allowing one to do so…

Just a thought…

Thank you


Hi Leo,

Scrivener doesn’t support styles; it has no concept of “headings” or “normal” text.

All the best,

“Body” is the name for the existing preset, but you’ll want to modify it to match whatever your default text settings are, since it’s not a dynamic style; not necessary for you to do now, of course, since you’ve already created a “Normal” preset. You will need to just apply the presets as you go through different parts of the text, since Scrivener doesn’t know when you happen to be writing a title and when you’re writing your regular text or writing a quote or otherwise need this or that formatting–and a preset is just a specific set of format preferences that you can quickly apply to selected text (see §14.4.3 in the user manual, available from the Help menu, for a full explanation on presets). If you’re using a couple frequently, you might want to set up keyboard shortcuts for them which you can do in System Preferences: Assigning or changing keyboard shortcuts.

Something else you may want to consider is splitting your documents into smaller sections and using the binder title as the heading. You can easily format the titles separately from the document text when you compile, even if you’re otherwise choosing not to override the formatting in the documents themselves. The intro to compile tutorial video gives you a basic overview of how to do this, and of course the Compile section in the manual goes all out. :slight_smile:

To elaborate. :slight_smile:

A full styles system is something I’ve never used or got on with in word processors, and as one is not built into the OS X text system by default, it’s something that has not so far been added. A number of users really want this, though, and it is on the list - potentially for 3.0, but it requires a lot of thought. Unlike with regular word processors, where all the text is contained in a single document, in a Scrivener project, all of your text is spread across many documents, most of which aren’t open or visible to the user. It therefore gets more tricky from a technical perspective to update style changes. So, as I say, it’s one of those things on the list for some serious future thought.

If you just want styles to change when you hit return, for instance, then one thing you could do is harness script mode for this (Format > Formatting > Script Mode and Script Settings…). Although this is intended for scriptwriters, you can create your own script settings, so that instead of having a “Scene Heading” you could have a “Heading”; instead of “Action” you could have “Body”. This would work as you want (although a downside is that the word count would disappear from the footer bar, because it’s not used by scriptwriters).

Another solution is to use the OS X System Preferences to add keyboard shortcuts to the presets menu, so that you can at least switch between presets easily and quickly.

All the best,