Font size change in .epub

I have made some compile to epub format and, even it seems alright to me (I checked with Calibre), some readers told me that they can’t change the size of the font on their tablet.
For now, I have such problems at least with people reading on Android, MyLibrary on Asus Transformer.
I can send the final epub (as it seems I can’t enclose it with this message), so if some people want to check it out, as I didn’t get enough feedback from readers. Perhaps I missed the point for something in the compile operation…

I have some feedback from other readers : on Ibook, they can zoom in/out with no trouble with the default reader. But with Stanza, when they zoom in, it increase the interline but not the font size.

This is a known issue for Scrivener, in general. ONe recommendation was to create the ebook in Calibre for the moment. (I haven’t had much issue with it–I’ve made mobi’s of things, but I was able to change the font, I believe.)

OK, thanks :slight_smile: