Font size change on bullet list.

I’m using latest V3 RC on Windows and latest iOS version on iPad Pro. I’m using a Google font called Lora which is a variable font that comes in two files, italics and standard. There was no problem switching between the two machines until I inserted some bullet points when writing in Windows. Both font files are in the Dropbox font folder. The font size used is 14. When I open the project on iPad the font size for the bullet point list is changed to 12. I change it back to 14, sync, close Scrivener, open up again, font size 12 again.
Here is what might be a clue: if, when fixing the font size on iPad I grab a part of the previous paragraph and some of the bullet points, those bullet points retain the correct size when I close and reopen the project.
If this is a Bug and not a feature, hope this helps.


Thought I had a workaround for this but it just happened again. After several openings and closings, the same piece of text (bullet points only) was displayed in font size 12 instead of 14.

This is not the most pressing problem on my agenda, and I’m sure the developer has more urgent things on his mind but it would be nice to know the procedure here. I’ve reported what I believe is a bug. Will I be informed that it is or is not recognised as a bug by L&L?

Sometimes it can take a little while. You may also want to download the released Scrivener 3.0 for Windows and recreate the issue, then post the bug in the Wndows Bug Hunt forum – as the likelihood is that this is connected to some of the ongoing bugs with bullet lists in the Windows version.

At any rate, you’ll know that the bug has been officially recognized when the subject line of your forum thread is edited to contain a “[LHxxxx]” bug number – that’s the number of the bug in their internal tracking system – or when one of the L&L staff responds. You will increase your chances if you can come up with an easy set of repro steps so that the staff members can fire up an empty project and reliably reproduce the problem. Or, if you have a minimal project that displays the issue reliably, attach that to your post. Either of those allow not only the L&L staff, but other users in the forum, to attempt to replicate the issue and help you troubleshoot, find workarounds, or further hone in on exactly what the scope of the problem is.

Thanks to you for the reply, or if more appropriate, to your cat. I thought my first post at the top of the thread might be detailed enough to allow someone to replicate the problem. I’ve since moved on to the full version 3 on Windows. Good point about the possible source of the problem being on Windows rather than IOS. I will post on there and see if I get a nibble.