Font Size in comments

I did something I don’t understand (a kind of 2 fingers when there should have been one thing), and the font in my comments column became huge (see attached). I can use ‘Command -’ several times on each comment, but I really want the the font size to 10 or 12. So far, no luck in manual. Help!

Have you checked Preferences > Formatting > Inspector comments font?
Note that there’s a checkbox to used a different font for footnotes.


Thanks for the lead. I checked, and Comments font is set to TNR 10-point

Interesting … When I move to the comments section, the font window says Verdana 10 but produces the enormous letters in the example. If I select the comment, then type Command-minus several times, I get down to “normal” size … but the font window says Verdana 2

… and, if I export comments, the rtf document has normal-size type face.


Right click the comment (not the text in the comment, but the comment box itself) and check the zoom value.

This might well be something you changed inadvertently with a flick of your fingers on a trackpad or mouse.

Hope this works

Briar Kit