Font Size in Editor

I suspect this is obvious to everybody but me, but I have searched and searched…
The font size in the editor is always 14 point. Please, how do I change the preference for this to 16 Point? (old eyes)

Thanks for the help.

I think what you are looking for is the format bar, which (when on) is at the top of the editor.

It’s at View > Text Editing > Format Bar


Don’t change the font size of your text for viewing comfort. Change the view size instead.

At the lower left of the editor pane is a pop-up menu to set a text zoom value – visually blows up the text without changing its actual font size. There is also a preference setting to specify a default zoom. See Preferences > Editor > Default Text Zoom. My default font size stays at 12, but I keep my Editor pane at 175% text zoom.


P.s. if you really want to change your default font size, check out Prefs > Formatting

Thanks much for the replies. GR, I suspect that you are right, and I will change the global zoom size. However, I still don’t see a way to change the font’s actual size in Prefs<Formatting. Am I being blind? I understand that I can change it in each document, but I want to change it in Preferences.

I think there is no default font or size in the Editor Preferences - because unlike Comments, footnotes, annotations etc (which would normally conform to a standard), you would normally want to control a document’s font as you go. In much the same way as Word doesn’t offer you a preference for the same thing.

One way round it is to set the font and size for a particular document, then just Duplicate that document for editing anew, as you go.

ETA: I’ve just dug around and you CAN set a font and size for new documents. In Preferences / Formatting, click the A button under Main text style near top left. That will open your Mac’s standard font panel and you can select what you want there. You will see confirmation of your choice in the sample text.

That was it! Thanks, so much! :stuck_out_tongue:

And here is a tip for fixing older documents to the current preference. Since Scrivener lets you change the font when you compile, you’re encouraged to use whatever font is most comfortable for you in the editor.