Font size in Inspector Document Notes

Hi, complete newbie…registered today. Hope you can help.
Followed Tutorial and looked through User Guide — and experimented during trial period but cannot find solution.
I’ve learned how to change font/size in synopsis, index card view but have yet to learn how to change default font size of the Document Notes pane in the Inspector.
Is it possible to change the font and/or size of text in the Document Notes pane?
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

MBP early-2011
Mac OSX Mountain Lion

You can set the default font size for notes in the “Formatting” pane of Preferences (“Notes font”, about halfway down). Note that this will only affect new text, not existing notes.

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Thanks, this tip helped me too, especially once I realized that if I’m pasting in text rather than typing it in, I have to paste and match style to get the default font size instead of the original size of the text I’m pasting in.
What actually would be better for my aging eyes, though, would be the ability to zoom the text in the Inspector, at least the Documents note pane, so that I don’t have to set the font size so big, and then have to reduce it when I paste into the main editing window, which has a default zoom of 150% specified. Is that possible now? If so, my apologies for missing it. If not, might it be added to a future update?