font size in inspector

With poor eyesight, the small font size in Synopsis in the inspector is hard on me, but I can’t find any way to change it. I have Gwen Hernandez’ book, no help, and I searched the L&L Tutorial but came up with zilch. Is this a no-can-do, or have I missed something? Font size in Document Notes is okay, just barely, but I would like to make it larger there too if possible. I am running latest version of Scrivener in Windows 10.

Possibly this might help: [url]]. But I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for.

Thanks, David. That was exactly what I needed. How is anyone supposed to know that Corkboard/Index text applies to Synopsis? But that’s what turned out to work. I was also able to make text in Document Notes larger, but could not change typeface, it remains Courier, not stylish but never mind, it’s bigger and I can read it. I also changed binder file name text size while I was at it.

I gave up on Scrivener a year or two ago because I found so many things counter-intuitive and therefore hard to learn. This first day back experience is not encouraging. I never would have figured out by myself that to change text size in Synopsis you have to change Corkboard/Index text – there is no logical connection at all that I can see. But I’ll hang in there a while and see how it goes, having decided that maybe I just didn’t try hard enough the first time.

The link is that the front of the cork board card contains the synopsis – the inspector and the cork board display exactly the same content, so the control is the same. The synopsis also available in Outline mode.

This is what you’d want and expect, I think – it means that you can write and see the synopsis in document mode, cork board mode and outline mode. But I agree that the preferences dialogue could make this a bit clearer (although it’s already a very busy form as it is…) AFAIK the preferences are being rewritten for the next version (Mac anyway).

Thanks for taking the trouble to clarify, though I am not much comforted. :sunglasses:

Have you done the tutorial? If you haven’t then it’s really worth doing because it explains a fair bit of the conceptual thinking underpinning Scrivener – the concepts aren’t difficult, but they help to understand why some of the features work the way they do.