Font Size in Styles Changes, and 1st Paragraph Indents Remain, when Compiling to EPUB

I’ve created several custom styles in my current Scrivener project; e.g. one that leaves the equivalent of a blank line after text. No style involves different font size. All my styles are set to “save all formatting”, but I did NOT check the boxes that say to “include font family” or “include font size”. Everything looks fine in Scrivener, but when I compile to PDF, all the text in each custom style appears slightly larger than the text around it that has no style.

I’ve been using Scrivener for years and have compiled many other manuscripts with styles, but I don’t remember seeing this problem before. I even checked some of my other Scrivener documents where everything compiles properly, and as far as I can tell, all the settings are the same. I can’t figure out what’s causing the discrepancy with this one.

It may or may not be related, but I’m also having a problem where every paragraph is indented, even though I want no indent on the first paragraph of each chapter. In the compile menu, under Text Layout, I selected “remove first line indents from first regular paragraph in each chapter”, but in the compiled epub, they aren’t removed.

Any suggestions?

Maybe your styled text isn’t bigger, but your no-style text smaller ?
In other words, perhaps you are not looking for the issue in the right place. (?)

You need to check the text size in the formatting sections of each of the section formats you’re using. If you have the “override text and notes” formatting ticked, as that determines the font and style of all “no style” paragraphs.


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Right on.
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