Font Size in Titles

Hello, I opened Scrivener today and the font sizes in the header and the footer are abnormally large. I don’t remember changing any settings and I’m having trouble finding where to update this. Luckily, it’s not affecting the text I’m writing but it’s distracting and should be modifiable. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi Maddy.Flowers. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Should be here

Click the reset icon my arrow points to.

As a confirmation that this is where your issue comes from, the font should also say something other (larger) than […] UI 9

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If you can’t click “OK” (because the option panel became too big to fit your screen) :
– Click the reset button (if not already done)
– Then click here : image
– Then do nothing but hit ENTER once
– Then hit TAB once
– and ENTER once more.

Hello Vincent_Vincent, thanks!

I tried that and it unfortunately didn’t work. However, it seemed to be an OS issue, I just first noticed it in Scrivener. Sorry for the errant forum post!

No worries. :wink:
But is it fixed now?