Font size of 'References' section


I think it would be really nice if we can increase (control) the font size of the References section where is placed within the inspector. It would be even better if there is an additional view option so that we can see those references or links as a big icon or previews.

Thanks !

Unfortunately, it’s just not practical to allow preferences for every single possible control or font used across the interface, as there are just too many. Many of the controls - including the references - use standard OS X fonts and sizes. So, for instance, the references are just set to use the “small system font”. There used to be a way in the System Preferences where you could change these font sizes across all applications, but strangely it seems to have been dropped from recent versions of OS X, and I can’t even get programs such as MacPilot to affect such fonts. I won’t rule it out entirely for the future, though - it’s just a little difficult to allow for global font changes to system fonts.