Font size options in Formatting

The Formatting in Compile has the font size options “9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 24, …” How do I set it to other than these numbers?

My text file has a section using a font different from the rest, and this font is small by default, so I want to format this particular section with a font size large enough relative to the rest. 14 still looks small, 18 looks too big. I’d like to try 16, but there’s no option for it. This is the same with the Editor, I can’t select an unlisted number.

On my machine, some font sizes show up out of order, though I’m not sure why:

Do you see that for the font you want to use?

In the font size box of Compile > Section Layouts > Formatting, there’s “30” at the top (before “9” and a separator, like in your image), which isn’t among the ordered list (it jumps from 24 to 36). There’s no 30 in the Editor’s font size box, there’s nothing before 9, the list is just from 9 to 188, and increment by one stops at 14.

If I click the box and type in any one of the listed numbers, it selects that number; typing in any non-listed number selects a listed number (typing in “16” selects 18).

Has there been any information on this? I’m trying to emulate the look of a book I have and I need a font size smaller than 9pt. Why does Scrivener put a constraint to only allow font sizes selected from a fixed menu? Is there some way we can type in the font size we want?