Font size problem

On all my default draft folders, which now add up to many folders and many pagers, the default setting for font size is at 16, New Times Roman, on all those folders.

Suddenly, I open a new folder today and it defaults to courier.

So I have to locate the New times Roman option, and change it to that, but suddenly it won’t revert to font size 16. In fact size 16 isn’t even an option. It goes 14- 18 - 24 -

So 16 has been completely been eliminated from the choices on the tool bar, and yet all my other folders are at 16.

So I have to set it to 18, cause that’s closest, but it’s so much larger type than the other folders.

What is going on here?

Hello steel,
For what it’s worth tools/options/appearence/general/fonts… they are all still there in sizes 16 ect in my copy of scriv…updated just a couple of days ago.