Font size problem

I made a duplicate of a Scrivener project and gave it a new name. Now, when I add a new sub-folder/chapter to the main folder, the font size is quite a bit bigger than in the existing (duplicated) chapters. I checked Preferences, but I don’t see any difference between the settings in the new chapter compared to the settings of original project before duplication. The font size is fine in the existing sub-folders/chapters of the duplicated work. The problem happens when opening a new chapter. What can I do to retain the original font size in new chapters? Or is duplicating a project the wrong way to go about making a project copy so that I can retain the original project?

Make sure the footer bar is turned on in the editor, and check in the lower left-hand corner. Do you see a percentage that is any different than 100%? If it is 100%, check to make sure the older project is not less than that. You might have been working in a larger font this whole time without realising it.

AmberV–Right on! Thanks very much for your quick reply.