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I’m a new Scrivener user and, although I’ve watched the tutorials - several times - I’m still finding my way through the labyrinth of options and, well, you know what I mean …
Here’s my problem. I’m using the novel template and, specifically, the characters descriptions. The default setting is Palatino 13. I change it to Times Roman 16 and press save but when I move to another section on the same page it automatically reverts to Palatino.
I know I’m not doing something simple to fix this but would much appreciate any help.

When you click into text and start typing, the newly-typed text will use the formatting at the place you clicked. So, if you change to Times New Roman in one place but then click somewhere else, if the text at that other location uses Palatino 13, then when you start typing, your text will use Palatino 13.

The character description sheet has empty lines between the various titles, and these empty lines are formatted using Palatino 13, so that when you start typing at the start of such a line, that’s how your text will be formatted. So, what you want to do is this:

  1. Open “Character Sketch” inside the Templates sheet (this is the template that is used for creating new character sheet documents).

  2. Click into the blank line after “Role in Story” (or after any of the titles.

  3. Go to Edit > Select > Select Similar Formatting. You should see that all of the empty lines after titles now get selected.

  4. Change the font to Times 16, or whatever you want to use.

  5. Click back at the top of the document, or select the “Character Name” text (wherever you want the cursor to be when you create character sheets).

  6. Close the Templates folder.

  7. Now try creating a new character sheet in the “Characters” folder. When you click in an empty line and start typing, the formatting should now be Times 16.

For any character sheets you’ve already created, you can fix them using the same trick.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Many thanks, Keith. That’s solved the issue.