Font size

Is there a simple way to change the font size for an entire project at once, rather than page by page?


This is a feature that will be coming along as the builds progress, but at the moment it isn’t in yet. Scrivener works like this: new files are configured based on your settings in the Editor tab. Once created that is how they will always be. There will eventually be a menu command that lets you select a bunch of files at once and convert them to the default editor settings.

Okay, thanks very much. So to start a new project, it’s best to set my parameters as I want them (font size, etc) and then start the project? I’ll give that a try.

Yes, in general that is good practice. I wouldn’t worry about formatting too much right now. Between Scrivener’s compiler (which can reformat everything in a uniform fashion when you export) and the as-yet-to-be-coded feature which will make your existing text uniform, any small quibbles you have right now with inconsistencies will eventually be solvable once the tools are in place.