Font Sizes

When writing some words at size 16, then writing more words at size 8 on the same line, then writing more again at size 32 on the same line, the words do not use the same base line. With larger the base is elevated, and with the smaller the base is decreased. This editor displays the sizes correctly with a common base line…

This is Normal [size=50]This is Tiny[/size][size=200]This is Huge[/size]

Additionally, you are not providing the options of Script and Subscript for Font formatting. As a convenience there should also be buttons that facilitate Bigger, Smaller, Script and Subscript.

Attached is a zipped RTF & PDF file created by Oracle Open Office. It demonstrates Normal, Smaller, Bigger, Subscript, Superscript, Language Appended to a line, and Language Inserted within line. When imported to Scriviner the Hebrew fonts are mostly not recognized, and occasionally recognized with the wrong Hebrew font.
RTF & (58.9 KB)

Today it is doing the Normal-Small-Big font sizes correctly with the common base line.