Font/spacing oddity

Okay, am I crazy, or is there some font/spacing weirdness on this project? First picture is with linux native (1.2.6). Second is with Windows one (1.2.5) under WINE. Is the last paragraph formatted differently (even though the format bar says otherwise) in the first picture, or is it a dpi difference? (The Linux one is set to 100%, the windows one 125%.)

(It’s a strange but good recipe, btw. Use the best coffee you’ve got. Should be baking cocoa–powered stuff/Dutch process.)

Yeah, the spellcheckers are acting differently, too. I think the Windows one is using Apsell that comes with it, but the Linux version defaults to the system Aspell, even though it has its own. (Bug?)

Well, it’s surely formatted differently – not to do with the view magnification.

  • the leading (line to line vertical spacing) is quite different
  • the wrap point is different – look at last 3 lines

Why do these occur? Good question. I suppose font metrics (in the fonts) might be quite different, as one guess, since the layout library is nominally the same, and third party (trolltech qt).

You might try the test using a quite different font but common font like Times, and see what happens.

I’ve noticed some pretty peculiar behavior before from qt vs. fonts – it has seemed much cleaner since some months or a year ago in delivered Scrivener, which keeps updating to recent versions of qt.

Going by the caret in the image, it looks like the baseline for the text is raised. Did you import the text from somewhere else? Try copying it and then deleting it and backspacing to the previous paragraph, then hitting Enter and using Paste and Match Style. Does that fix it?

This is really weird.

I opened the project in the linux native one to try the suggestions MimeticMouton suggested, and it’s displaying properly now. (That is, the line spacing isn’t different on the last paragraph.)

Any ideas? I’m chalking it up to bugs in the linux native version of Scrivener.

Well, or the Linux version of qt.

This cowboy cake – is it a flat cake, or does it rise? Can you cook it on a campfire?

What happens at 5-7000 feet? (lots of real cowboy country there)

Travellers like to know…

It’s not touching the system Qt files. Rather, it shouldn’t be. (It comes with its own libs, and ldd is pointing to Qt files that shipped with Scrivener.)

It does rise quite a bit–the acid in the coffee plus baking soda makes for leavening. I have no clue how you’d make it at 5000 feet. I can ask a friend in Denver. :slight_smile: